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You Expert -
San Diego Home Loan Guy

Hi. I'm the San Diego Home Loan Guy - Eric Lovett. I've lived in the San Diego area most of my life (with a few detours).

What I know are Loans - San Diego Home Loans! Since there are hundreds of loan officers in San Diego, thousands in the Great (broken) State of California (later, I'll tell you why I think she's broken) and over 100,000 in the country, it's easy to find one of us...BUT I'LL TELL YOU THIS MUCH - you won't find anyone more dedicated to finding you the RIGHT loan, that best fits YOU...PERIOD!

I only have a few pages to convince you that I'm your man, so here goes...

Home Loans aren't difficult to get, but as with any part of life, you do need to know the rules.

DID YOU KNOW?...that most of the search results that come up in Google or others are 'loan' lead generating companies?

DID YOU KNOW?...that you CAN STILL get a San Diego Home Loan up to 125% of a home's value?

Most large lenders (i.e. banks and credit unions) have so much regulation they have to work around, it's hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. I'm going to help explain some of it in my Did You Know? weekly eNewsletter - so sign up today for some jaw dropping information!

Give me a call. You'll know, within just a few minutes of our conversation, why I'm the San Diego Home Loan Guy!


(760) 715-2018

Unless I'm busy talking loans with someone else, I will answer the phone just about any time of day. Look forward to hearing from you -

Eric S. Lovett San Diego Home Loan Guy

Did You Know weekly eNewsletter
Did You Know is the only eNewsletter you'll need to know what Banks and the Government don't want you to know.
MLS Real Estate Listings from the Best Real Estate Agents in So. Cal
Look no further for MLS Real Estate Listings from the BEST Real Estate Agents in So. Cal.
San Diego Home Loan Guy's Blog
San Diego Home Loan Guy Blog is where you'll find up-to-date info on loan info including types of loans lenders are making, things your need to know and more.
About Me, Eric Lovett, San Diego Home Loan Guy
I've lived in San Diego most of my life and can tell you there is no place like home, as Dorothy would say.
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